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Podcast: Hello world

By: Vasilis & Espen

Episode 1 - 05 april 2021

In the very first episode of Web Materials, we introduce ourselves and briefly touch upon some of the topics we hope to discuss going forward.

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Intro music - old 8bit game music sound

Vasilis: Web materials!

Espen: Is that what we’re calling it?

Vasilis: Yeah, I think that’s what we’re calling it.

Espen: ...I really like web materials, i'm surprised - i'm surprised there's no podcast called web materials or web fabric or any of these other other incarnations

Vasilis: Yeah, but then we're surprised not many people are interested in the material of the web so...

Espen: This is true, this is true. So, should we start by introducing ourselves a bit?

Vasilis: Yes, go ahead Espen, who are you?

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